Watched CJ 7 and Kung Fu Dunk During the weekend. Watched CJ 7 on Friday and Kung Fu Dunk on Sat. Overall, both shows are quite enteratining, though some people would indefinately find both films sub-par.

During the wait for tickets on Saturday, the damned Golden Village Ticketing System broke down (me waited quite long for it to finally reach my 'pit stop'!) They said only movies that air before 1pm would be available or I must wait till 3pm+. Of course we took the 1pm show and skipped lunch!

Ratings for the shows

CJ7: 4.5/5 (The adorable CJ7 touched my heart - so sad)

Kung Fu Dunk: 3.5/5 (Entertaining but its sort of a rip off "Shaolin Soccer", etc.

CJ 7 is so freaking cute! My Gf and me adore it to death. Wonder where to get the plush toy. I heard Far East Plaza Level 2, "Secrets" sells it, but at a rip off "Taka" price for $40+, since they are sort of the only sole distributor!
KFC (HK) sells them, why not Singapore?! Singapore is always so slow! damn

Here are some of CJ7 pictures, till I get my hands on the real ones ! :)

KFC (HK) :( Version

Not Forgeting Cute Cinnamoroll Kepwie!

Far East #2-20 Has CJ 7 as pictured here
- Credits to qwerty88 from HWZ