These Few days we have been savouring Japanese Food all alike!
Today we revisted the new concept dining called Shokudo at Raffles City B1. A very similar concept as compared to Marche, though its only strictly Japanese dining. The previous time we feasted on Unagi Bamboo Rice, Salmon Sashimi and Sasuage Tomato Rice! They were great for the price we paid, so today we went back for more! Sorry no pics to show for the food stuffs.

Today we ate Chicken Bamboo Rice at only $3.80, though the serving is really quite small, the rice was great with the bamboo scent seeped nicely into the fluffy sticky rice. Next since at this period of time, we had a strong crush on Pasta + Wafu sauce. We had to indulge in "Sakura Fried Ebi Pasta with wafu sauce". The taste was good but a far cry from Waraku Pasta's Pasta though, cause it was too heavily "Garlic-rised", had a strong garlic after taste for a very long time, unlike Waraku which was very light! Next Up, dessert, whats served was Red Bean Kakikori ! delicous, I felt it was better than Azubu Sabo (Marina Square) and MOF -Ministry of Food (Bugis & Marina Sqaure), the ice was finner and not too sweet. But my Gf felt otherwise, gheez! Overall a nice place to eat

Rating: 4/5

The day before, since my Gf had $20 Sake Sushi Vouchers, we decided to use it on its Salmon Pasta w/ Wafu sauce. IT WAS TERRIBLE, Sake Sushi standard is really bad! The taste was SOUR & OILY! WTF! Worst PASTA i ever eaten.

Rating: 1/5

Can't get enough of Waraku pasta!
Their main restaurant also serves great food!
Here's part of their menu for you guys to salivate!


Rating: 4.5/5!