This is Drew!
He's a mascot my gf and me designed for the HomeTeam Knowledge management contest.
What a pity he didn't get chosen.
He's so cute! My gf spent many days coloring and drawing him to perfection!
It's so sad (o.o)y the judges couldn't appreciate him

So what do you guys think of DREW?

Will add in more info on DREW soon

Ok more info on him

KnowleDge Recevied Everyone Will

“Drew” who holds the meaning of Wise is what this cute bubbly character’s name is.
I have created a mascot aligned to cuteness as I observed that in major countries like Japan, Taiwan and Korea, they have used the element of cuteness in creating the perfect mascot for certain public sectors like the Police. His character is kind and calm with a high morale value (esprit-de-corps), which is a reflection of his appearance. With this cute and animated mascot for MHA, nothing could go wrong!

On the top of his head lies a speech balloon which symbolizes knowledge sharing through communication, where people will give their opinions and share the experience/knowledge with each other. Quite a fashionable trend as his hairstyle too!

Drew’s huge ears symbolizes that he is a good listener and he would definitely acknowledge the efforts of those who share the knowledge with us. This also represents vigilance and alertness at all times with his sharp hearing ability, certainly an important element for knowledge management.

Drew always encourages service excellence and would “thumbs” up his paws whenever necessary. With his friendly deposition and his approachable nature, it’s no wonder why he can easily enter a person’s comfort zone and interact freely with him/her.

On his left side of his body, there’s a heart badge. He treats everyone with an open and fair heart and is an extremely trustworthy person, unquestionably a person you can lean and depend on whenever needed. It’s also a symbol of strong bonds forged together as a team and the great ability to easily build rapport with others. Legend also says that this heart badge is only passed down from those who had strengthened the bond and build pride within MHA through recognition of staff excellence and promotion of staff well-being.

Beside both sides of Drew’s ears lays an adorable fluffy item, which remarkably is part of his ears. This is courtesy of his origin as he is from the clouds right above the MHQ building. Flying around the clouds with his tremendously big ears, he would gather information from both MHA co-workers and external sources to seek and contribute towards continuous improvement. He came on a mission sent above to replace the legendary glorious SHAREK (who had recently stepped down) to share everything he knows and to attain more knowledge so as to be shared with everyone who yearns to learn.

On his appealing big tummy, there’s a big pocket. This is where Drew keeps the knowledge in different forms, e.g. Items that facilitate the easy sharing of knowledge, books, ECT. It’s an endless black-hole in his pocket, which would signify the concept of continuous improvement as a core responsibility and integral part of their work since learning is an everyday process, there’s always something to learn. It’s also a representation that “sharing is caring”, he’s always selfless to share what he has in his pocket.