This is what i captured today!
CJ7 Soft Toy
CJ 7 Soft Toy
CJ 7 Soft Toy
CJ7 Soft Toy

CJ 7 Toy FtW
CJ7 its so cute! One for me and one for my Gf. Many pictures ahead!

Anyway lunch was great, at bushoudo ramen at Raffles City, damage was $30.75
Ate Ramen there, tried their Shoyu Rame and Special Miso Ramen, taste was quite authentic and way better than Ajisan Ramen. My Gf complained it to be a little salty but i liked it.
Their pork was fabulous, tender and succulent!
But today i had no time to enjoy this meal as i had to rush to MDIS campus for classes. Sigh, exams coming up soon.
Have not really prepared for it. God bless me.

Any on a side note, pictures of the CJ7 Soft toy i acquired is up for grabs! QI ZAI! 長江七號 長江七號

Sorry for the misconception but the small one only cost $6! don't get ripped by shops selling at sky rocket prices, the big one only cost less than $20 and the speakers cost only >$50 in china.
Don't not get rip at such shops!

This was found at the IT Show at Suntect 08.

It's a speaker and CJ7 toy actually speaks!

Very cute but come was a hefty tag of $179
Like what the hell! cute but dear!

You can find this counter at the front of the 6th level.