I've been so busy these few days studying, at the same time serving national slavery :
Economics of Industry
Financial Management

So freaking tough studying part time, where time really is an issue. Sometimes i would really wish i had powers like Hiro(Heros) to travel through the space-time vortex and have as much time as i could grasp of. Sounds illogical but who cares!
Read an article on human evolution, i believe in the next decade due to climate changes, the primal survial instincts, there's a change of human evolution but with a push from science. Scary isn't it, this reality of us.

This aside, actually i would want to provide reviews on PSP games for my blog. Coming to a screen near up(scroll down) is Bomberman land!

Bomberman Land is a game where they provide over 50 mini games. You're on a quest to revive parts of the fallen bomberman land using "peices". These "peices" can be attained once you have dutyfully complete the mini games, roam around blabbering to bombereans, etc.
Addictive game, suitable for all kids and adults alike and for both boy and girl!. Especailly got this game for my gf.

Going to catch Evangelion the movie soon!
One of my favorite anime of all time. The first anime girl i fancied, Rei :blush:

Now look at Hello kitty Bomberman, isn't he so cute! my gf creation

Some of the mini games, simple fun and addictive, some are set at hard mode. Deterence for completion level up!

Now what game is this? My friend recomended me this. Very interesting game! Who likes this game?

This is so funnny! Ken Lee = Can't live!?!